Nova Disposables

Nova Disposables are unrivaled, containing the purest blends of regulatory cannabis concentrate and organic terpenes, offering a premium experience. Every 1g disposable is an integrated, ready-to-use vaping device, equipped with a USB charging port for sustained use and unmatched convenience.

Ensuring the safety of our THC disposables is paramount at every step of production. Each disposable undergoes rigorous testing to meet strict quality and safety standards. We utilize regulated, high-quality cannabis concentrates and organic terpenes to guarantee a clean vaping experience. The materials used in our all-in-one devices, including the battery and heating elements, are selected for their reliability and safety, minimizing risks associated with inferior products.

These disposables also feature advanced safety mechanisms, including overcharge protection and auto-shutoff, to further ensure user safety during charging and use. By incorporating a USB charging port, we offer not only convenience but also a controlled power supply, reducing the risk of overheating or battery failures.

How to Puff

Every full gram provides 150 meticulously measured doses. Inhale for 3-5 seconds per puff for an optimal balance of potency and enjoyment.