Nova Carts

Nova Carts are unrivaled, containing the finest blends of regulatory cannabis concentrate and organic terpenes, ensuring an unparalleled experience. Each 1-gram cartridge is precisely engineered to be compatible with the universal 510-thread battery, ensuring ease of use and seamless integration with your favorite vaping device.

Designed for discerning consumers, these carts offer a harmonious balance of potent effects and a rich, aromatic profile, promising satisfaction and a superior sensory exploration.

At our core, we are committed to delivering a potent, pure, and safe vaping experience. Education on proper use and storage of our products is provided to all customers to maintain the highest level of safety and satisfaction. Trust in our dedication to excellence and safety in every puff.

How to Puff

Gently attach the cartridge to a 510-thread battery without over-tightening. Inhale from the mouthpiece while the battery is activated.

Serving Size

Each full gram offers 150 doses, with each 3-5 second puff designed to deliver a precise, controlled experience, optimizing potency and satisfaction.