Established in 2020 in the city of Los Angeles; Nova was designed by a team of cannabis enthusiasts who wanted to provide a safe and reliable consistent source of cannabis which couldn’t be tainted by the hands of corporate giants who are looking to profit off the herb. We use state of the art lab technology for all our extraction process needs and provide ethically sound cannabis extract with no added preservatives or filling agents to taint our products in any way. 

We specialize in under five different products so that we can perfect our craft and build a fan base around what we provide rather than attempt to tackle every cannabis product with less than 100% of our effort. Our goal is to destigmatize the common negative connotation regarding vape products and create a safe household name for the one inhalable product that yields next to no negative effects, as it comes from all natural sources. The love for our brand we’ve received since our establishment in 2020 has been unreal, and we’re beyond honored to continue to get safe, enjoyable products into the hands of millions of people.

We will continue to perform above expectations and become a brand that is known, loved, and trusted by everyone.

Thank you for choosing Nova!


We want our clients to be satisfied with great quality, clean & potent product. Priding ourselves on using 100% organically grown cannabis, every Nova product is fully tested and processed in pristine conditions.


With all of our products, we try and remain true to the roots of cannabis consumption in that it’s typically a portable hobby and can be brought anywhere. Our hardware- on both cartridges and disposables- is made to be sleek, discreet, and able to be always kept on your person.


Our brand is designed to showcase the most enjoyable aspects of consumption. We try to combine different cultural aspects that represent fundamental truths we hold close in the state that’s most well-known for cannabis: The great state of California. Black and Gold are the colors we began with, but we’re looking forward to adding unique additions in seasonal changes to our branding while staying true to our roots.


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